The Bridge RVA…

…is becoming a multi-cultural community in South Richmond that reflects the heart of God for all people groups regardless of race, age, gender or economics.

…is becoming a bridge that travels both ways as we learn from one another through the sharing of our stories and our lives.

…is recognizing that Jesus is at the heart of all reconciliation by first becoming a bridge to God for us.

Here’s a 5-minute video from Pastor Ken Peters sharing the heart of our work with the children, start at the 45:18 mark.


Providing a safe and loving place for the children of South Richmond to belong and flourish.

  • By creating a culture of love, acceptance and encouragement
  • By welcoming the Holy Spirit’s ministry when and however He chooses to minister
  • By sharing our stories, our journey of faith, and the Gospel in formal and informal conversation
  • By sharing a big table and a meal each week as part of our time together
  • By small groups of 4-8 children where a faithful adult cares for them and becomes a trusted, respected person in their life.

What to expect

Children and adults worshipping, learning, playing and eating together.  It’s sometimes messy, but always joyful!


  • Ann Carr-Beyersdorff- Hospitality
  • Maggie Peters- Middle/High School girls
  • Kathy Buttner, Jessie Maker, Marty Anthony- Elementary School
  • Becky Peters- Co-Pastor, Spiritual Director
  • Ken Peters- Co-Pastor, Transportation