Matthew’s Place

Matthew’s Place is a reading club for kids.

Matthew’s Place has a dual meaning. In the gospels we read the story of Jesus going into the house of Matthew the Tax Collector and hanging out with him and his friends. Basically, we are just doing the same thing … hanging out with those God brings our way, whoever they are. Also, in a local context, the person we initially approached to help with the reading club was a local teenage boy named Matthew. He brought his little brother on that first Wednesday and became the first member of the Reading Club.


  • the children of South Richmond improving their reading skills, developing confidence in themselves and discovering potential for educational & occupational success.
  • these children finding a safe environment from the dangers found on the neighborhood streets and in challenging home environments.
  • their neighbors coming alongside them sharing their time, talents and occupational experiences.
  • examining your own prejudices, have them challenged, and beginning to leave them behind.
  • and birthday cakes!!!
Miss Amy’s Pizza Party!

Support a weekly pizza party where our youth can enjoy and get a break from their daily struggles!  Pizza parties are hosted on Wednesday evenings during our Reading Club Program.

Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  1. $100 will sponsor an entire party which includes pizza, water and dessert.
  2. $30 will sponsor 10 meals
  3. $9 will sponsor 3 meals

You can contribute HERE or mail to:

The Bridge RVA
PO Box 7256
Richmond, Va 23221

Miss Amy thanks you!