Providing a safe and loving place for the children of South Richmond

to belong and flourish.

  • By creating a culture of love, acceptance and encouragement
  • By sharing our stories, our journey of faith, and the Gospel in formal and informal conversation
  • By sharing a big table and a meal each week as part of our time together
  • By small groups of 4-8 children where a faithful adult cares for them and becomes a trusted, respected person in their life.

What to expect

Children and adults worshipping, learning, playing, and eating together.  It’s sometimes messy, but always joyful!


  • Ann Carr-Beyersdorff- Hospitality
  • Becky Peters- Middle/High School girls
  • Kathy Buttner, Jessie Maker, Elementary School
  • Becky Peters- Co-Pastor, Spiritual Director
  • Ken Peters- Co-Pastor, Transportation

Board members

Vineyard history

Vineyard USA History from Vineyard USA on Vimeo.

The Bridge RVA is a part of the Vineyard Church USA movement.

Not all Vineyard churches are alike but they all do share essential values, which you can view in full here..